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About Me

Committed to Inspired Leadership

I focus on developing and delivering a broad array of training and facilitation services that can transform individual and organizational performance.


My career has ranged across the military, non-profit, and for-profit arenas. I began my career as an engineer and then moved into the field of organizational development. As a Navy veteran with ten years of service, I participated in the Navy nuclear program. Upon leaving the Navy, I engaged in non-profit work serving the leadership and organizational development efforts of community-based organizations throughout the Americas. I designed and developed an award-winning enterprise collaboration platform and became recognized as a thought leader, having authored over fifty feature articles on various leadership development topics.


I have consulted over 350 of the Fortune 2000 on how to create more effective business cultures. I specialize in individual and team development.

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My Philosophy

What Guides My Work

My Philosophy

  • I only work with clients who are motivated and willing to change.

  • I have high expectations and I challenge my clients to achieve excellence.

  • I partner with my clients and their stakeholders throughout the process.

My Unique Value

What Makes Me Different

My Unique Value

  • I have a unique depth and range of experience that allows me to help clients in ways that others cannot.

  • I use proven processes and methods.

  • I measure the impact of my consulting work.

My Promise

What You Can Expect

My Promise

  • I will create a partnership based on trust and transparency.

  • I will provide a positive, user-friendly experience.

  • I will deliver measurable results that achieve your organizational goals.

Some Past Clients

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