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About Me

Committed to Inspired Leadership

As an Executive Coach and Organizational Development expert with over 20 years of experience. My journey includes founding and scaling multiple startups, giving me valuable insights into driving success.

With my CoreConnection service, I specialize in fostering purpose-driven strategies that elevate organizational performance. My approach involves aligning your Vision, nurturing a strong Culture, and creating lasting Value.


Together, these pillars form a powerful foundation for unlocking your organization's full potential and achieving sustainable growth.

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My Philosophy

What Guides My Work

My Philosophy

  • I only work with clients who are motivated and willing to change.

  • I have high expectations and I challenge my clients to achieve excellence.

  • I partner with my clients and their stakeholders throughout the process.

My Unique Value

What Makes Me Different

My Unique Value

  • I have a unique depth and range of experience that allows me to help clients in ways that others cannot.

  • I use proven processes and methods.

  • I measure the impact of my consulting work.

My Promise

What You Can Expect

My Promise

  • I will create a partnership based on trust and transparency.

  • I will provide a positive, user-friendly experience.

  • I will deliver measurable results that achieve your organizational goals.

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